Earning your GED Credential at Michigan State:


IMPORTANT:  The GED tests are undergoing a period of change.  The exams are in transition from paper tests to computer tests.  In 2013, the GED tests were available in BOTH formats. Beginning in 2014, the exams are only available in computer-based format.  Anybody finishing up on the paper-based exams needed to be finished by November 2013. Only the computer-based exams are available now.

IF you began testing prior to January 2014, you needed to finish before the end of 2013, and you will have to take all of the tests over again.  This is because the GED exams are entirely new starting in January 2014, and anyone who started before that time and did not finish by the end of 2013 will need to start testing all over again. (Including those who started their exams on the computer in 2013)


The computer-based version of the GED costs $150.


Taking the GED exams on computer:

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General GED information:

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Preparing to take the GED

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Special Accommodations

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