Distance/Proctored Testing

Taking an Online or Distance Course and need to have a test proctored here or elsewhere?

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Click on the NCTA LOGO at the bottom of the page and follow the links to MSU’s Information page.


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Having MSU Send your Tests Somewhere Else

(as long as this is approved by your department)

If MSU is your school and you are currently SOMEWHERE ELSE:

Click on the link below to find testing times, fees, and other details at a national test site in your location.

Once you have secured a location and tentative time:

  1. email your instructor --- if this is a course exam
  2. or if this is for a placement exam, call or email the testing office,testctr@cc.msu.edu and we will arrange to send the exam to your approved testing site.

NCTA Consortium of Distance Testing Centers

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